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Online Coaching & Counseling

to advance yourself

From May 1, 2024, I offer separate coaching and counseling service online, for a very comfortable fee.

You book for one month (or more) and I will support you by email, phone and/or video.

Language is English or German.

Examples of potential benefits that coaching and counseling will bring you:
  • You find new goals and activate your personal resources
  • You re-orientate yourself in a confusing situation 
  • You reduce stress and improve your ability to cope with pressure 
  • You improve your work-life balance including family, sexuality, hobbies 
  • You evolve your personality by gaining freedom and strength 
  • You develop your spirituality and draw strength from your faith 
  • You gain clarity about ethical principles and conflicts you encounter 
  • You combat upcoming addiction problems, including substance abuse 
  • You become more aware of your own emotional experiencing

Please choose one of the following options.

  • Base Package  including one phone call (scheduled) per week.
     1300€ excl. VAT per month..  
  • Economy Package  including two emails a week, plus a phone call (scheduled) once per week.
     2600€ excl. VAT per month.
  • Silver Package including up to 20 emails and/or short phone calls, replied within 24 hours.
    3200€ excl. VAT per month.
  • Gold Package including the Silver package, plus a video call  (scheduled) once per week.
    4500€ excl. VAT per month.

Depending on several factors, a discount of up to 50% may be applicable, also for the first month.

A phone call or video call takes ca. 1.5 to 2 hours, a short phone call ca. 1 hour.

Please find here my position paper about Coaching and Counseling.

Contact me without obligation.