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Responsible for data protection

Mr Roland Kapeller

ul. "Treti Mart" 1
4711 Ognyanovo
Republic of Bulgaria

Phone +359 882400091150

This website
Except as described below by the operator of the website (hoster), no usage-specific data is collected.

This data includes the date, time, page URL (possibly with parameters), referrer URL, IP address, type and version of the browser used. So it is not personal data. The data is occasionally used for statistics (e.g. regarding traffic figures),

The host is Strato AG, Berlin. Their privacy policy can be found on their website (
Cookies may be set for the sole purpose of properly displaying the web pages.

There is no tracking of user activity (web tracking).

There is no provision for external content.

The processing takes place entirely in the EU.

More information
This website currently does not contain any comment functions, contact forms, ratings or like functionality.

No data is passed on to others.

At any time, you can request the data protection responsible in order to inspect the existing (stored) data and have it corrected or deleted.